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How to Choose a Roofer for Your Home

Your home should provide security, a place where you and your family can feel protected from hazards, like unpredictable weather. Before you hire a roofer, take time to ensure that you’re trusting the best available. Roofing repairs will cost you some, so you have to make smart decisions early on.

But, of course, we all know how daunting it can be to choose a quality roofing contractor. You can’t simply go with anybody, knowing that roofers are not all created equal.

If you don’t want to risk it, remember these pointers as you look for the most suitable candidate:

License and Insurance

Before you proceed with a certain roofer, first find out if they are licensed. A license shows that they have passed the government’s assessment and that you will have a venue in case you want to file a complaint against the contractor later on. In terms of insurance, there should be a liability policy and a workman’s compensation policy.

Specialist Knowledge and Experience

Roofing contractors usually have specialties in terms of the actual jobs they perform. They may, for instance, work exclusively with commercial properties. Some specialize in tiled roofs. In any case, choose a roofer not just because they have been working with roofs for years, but because they have wide knowledge and experience with the specific type of roof you want.

Customer Service

A good contractor will talk to you about your plans and give you a quote for free – definitely no charges at this stage! They will also explain to you the different options you have without putting you under pressure to make a decision right there and then. They will be on time for appointments, return communications promptly, and follow through with their word.

Staying Local

A local contractor can offer you lots of benefits, but mainly convenience and quick response. Another important fact about local contractors is that they’re always extra concerned about their performance because they know one bad review can easily affect their overall reputation.


All of us are looking to save cash, but if that comes with poor quality roofing, it’s just not worth the danger. The most crucial elements involved here are materials and workmanship. Cost is important – after all, we can only have a roof that we can afford – but it shouldn’t be your number one reason for choosing a roofer.

Online Reviews and References

Finally, you can find a lot of helpful information reading online reviews as long as your sources are credible (stay away from biased marketing websites and focus on well-established third-party consumer websites like Yelp and Angie’s List). Ask your potential roofer for a list of client references. If they don’t want to give you any, that means they’re hiding something.

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