Really active Radio

Looking for a radio that will finally satisfy your ears and you'll finally have what you want to hear? Enough music, accurate news and sometimes interesting competitions with attractive prizes? This is exactly what the Impuls radio can offer you. Long journeys will make you more pleasant, and you won't experience boring moments of silence. To work in the home will give you fun, and you will have everything done before, or with just such listening to friends anywhere, you will be in a pleasant atmosphere of radio. Wherever you will be the Impuls radio or anytime you want, you do not have to worry, you tune it all over the Czech Republic.
For all
Radio Impulsje completely for all, pleasing to the children, but also parents, therefore it is suitable literally for the whole family. Thanks to this great radio, you no longer need to survive boring moments of silence, but make them more pleasant with a quality radio that is worth listening to.