Notice what the people you are mixing in the street of common

Journey to work, for lunch, from work for children to kindergarten, to the store, home… Daily routine. There are hundreds of people. Children, adults, seniors. Try to notice tomorrow how many of them hold a plastic bag in your hand. The result will surprise you and may make you think about the environment. It's notRead moreRead more

Great music 24 hours a day

Spark the boreing that annoses you and let go of the modern, music tuned Radio Impuls. Leave it to become a part of your day. Whether it's a weekday or a weekend, our radio station is always packed with the best music. Radio Impuls is a carefully selected music repertoire of the best, most famousRead moreRead more

How thoughtful smokers can inspire you

The poor smokers have a hard time. They would like to be healthy, would like the money they spend on the purchase of cigarettes, rather to use something completely different, whether useful and practical, or something nice, what they would do to delight themselves or their loved ones. If they stop smoking-they have won. IfRead moreRead more

For the Sun to Croatia

Now you all have the opportunity to travel with us to Croatia. Do you want to sunbathe on endless beaches, swim in the tranquil and clean Adriatic Sea? For all such enthusiasts, Croatia's holiday is a clear choice. You will spend the summer in the hot sun amid the magical nature. You will have theRead moreRead more

For a good mood, give yourself ice cream

Do you love ice cream like me? Then it should be remembered that the summer delight in the form of four scoop ice cream with a chocolate and decorated with whipped cream with fruit can energy cope with steak with roasted potatoes! Yeah, yeah, that's such a thing. Fortunately, we have come to you toRead moreRead more

Come to choose from our cool refreshment

At any time of the year, you can stop by us and enjoy one of our ice creams. Do you want to get fruit? You have it. Would you like to have a chocolate? You can find it here. Choose from our wide range of offers. With us, nothing can prevent you from giving ourRead moreRead more

The perfect piece of furniture

Old, staggered cabinets that occupy a lot of space are already taboo. Something much else is being used in today's modern times. Frčí quality built-in wardrobes Prague, which are really irreplaceable and you should get into your interior also you. If you like room space and still have an effective storage area, you will beRead moreRead more

Higher requirements than standard

The demanding people today do not have to be tailored without kitchens. They are better cooked when the line is tailored to their requirements. It is strange that people have always had somewhat higher requirements for this type of furniture than the standard. For example, at the time of normalization, our flats had a standardRead moreRead more

Are you interested in a quality sofa?

It is a housing supplement for which each of us puts high demands. The sofa is not just a piece of furniture that is supposed to fill us with free space. We expect it to become part of our household, so each of us prefers something different, depending on what he likes or what featuresRead moreRead more

All upholstery fabrics must be durable

With us you can meet exclusively with high-quality aisees. If you need them, just go after us and choose them. We are happy to help you with their choice. We are interested in our customers leaving us fully satisfied. We are aware that they will be used especially during the summer months on your terracesRead moreRead more