Notice what the people you are mixing in the street of common

Journey to work, for lunch, from work for children to kindergarten, to the store, home… Daily routine. There are hundreds of people. Children, adults, seniors. Try to notice tomorrow how many of them hold a plastic bag in your hand. The result will surprise you and may make you think about the environment. It's not as long as the purchases were made into the so-called. and plastic bags almost did not exist. Yes, the time goes forward with a few steps. Unfortunately, environmental pollution is the same with time. It is a direct proportionality. The more plastic and overall things made of plastics, the more polluted the environment around us.
Turn out of the crowd
Just do a little. Do not add to the growing pollution of nature. You may be saying that if the others are environmentally friendly, you do not have to behave as well. You may be attacked by ideas like "one person won't save anything." But you are mistaken. Even one person can save a lot. Every little thing counts. Save more water, sort waste or start using the plastic fabric bag instead. Everything counts.