How thoughtful smokers can inspire you

The poor smokers have a hard time. They would like to be healthy, would like the money they spend on the purchase of cigarettes, rather to use something completely different, whether useful and practical, or something nice, what they would do to delight themselves or their loved ones. If they stop smoking-they have won. If they can't give up their tobacco cigarettes, they are unlucky. And then there's one more way that they're throwing up on electronic cigarettes. It won't save as much as if they quit smoking completely, but they don't suffer as much as if they stayed with tobacco cigarettes.
Golden Middle Way
The same is with the windows. If you stay with your old damaged and broken windows that heat up, you'll be like those smokers who stayed with tobacco cigarettes. If you bet on new plastic windows from DECRO, you are transferring to a more economical variant of smok with electronic cigarettes. It is impossible to quit smoking altogether-without windows it does not.