For a good mood, give yourself ice cream

Do you love ice cream like me? Then it should be remembered that the summer delight in the form of four scoop ice cream with a chocolate and decorated with whipped cream with fruit can energy cope with steak with roasted potatoes! Yeah, yeah, that's such a thing.
Fortunately, we have come to you to meet the lovers of ice cream, who are trying to acquire or maintain a lean line, and therefore you can also find its low-fat variants. We have prepared 10 NATUR sorbets made from fresh fruit and also one DIA light ice cream.
Proteins and vitamins from our ice cream to every family!
It is also important to know that ice cream contains a high proportion of milk, is a good source of calcium and also proteins. In addition to calcium, vitamin A, vitamin B2 and B12 are also found in it. Each scoop contains an average of 5 g of proteins, 32 g carbohydrates and 16 g of saturated fatty acids.