Mácha Lake

Do you know Mácha lake? A somewhat silly question, who wouldn't know him, too. Have you ever visited it? If not, you are making a great mistake. Mácha Lake is one of the most popular summer holiday destinations, so why not make a nice time in summer. Mácha Lake is not only for fanatical loversRead moreRead more

Your wish is our command

Looking for someone reliable who you can contact with your needs? Someone you can be sure it offers true quality? Well, you're right here! We have been selling scissors tents for some time now and we know what is good and what is not. Therefore, you will not find any poor quality things with us.Read moreRead more

A step closer to nature

The winter garden is mostly planted plants, which can be grown here all year round. They should be plants not very demanding, rather decorative, or those from which there is some benefit, for example, favorite herbs. Modern Winter Gardens can be very effective in saving energy by creating a transitional space between the living areaRead moreRead more

Come to choose from our cool refreshment

At any time of the year, you can stop by us and enjoy one of our ice creams. Do you want to get fruit? You have it. Would you like to have a chocolate? You can find it here. Choose from our wide range of offers. With us, nothing can prevent you from giving ourRead moreRead more

How thoughtful smokers can inspire you

The poor smokers have a hard time. They would like to be healthy, would like the money they spend on the purchase of cigarettes, rather to use something completely different, whether useful and practical, or something nice, what they would do to delight themselves or their loved ones. If they stop smoking-they have won. IfRead moreRead more

Location for corporate Events

We offer a place for training employees or holding corporate seminars and conferences. There is a hall with a capacity of up to one hundred people. Of course there is a loan of all the techniques intended for this. Accommodation Jeseníky will be the ideal choice also for Teambuildig. Your staff will be working togetherRead moreRead more

Give yourself Pinguino

It does not matter if you prefer domestic or exotic fruits, our fruity tasty ice creams will suit everyone, moreover, thanks to the absence of fat and the minimum amount of sugar can also indulge people who adhere to the diet. Because our fruit sorbets do not contain milk and gluten, they are suitable forRead moreRead more

For a good mood, give yourself ice cream

Do you love ice cream like me? Then it should be remembered that the summer delight in the form of four scoop ice cream with a chocolate and decorated with whipped cream with fruit can energy cope with steak with roasted potatoes! Yeah, yeah, that's such a thing. Fortunately, we have come to you toRead moreRead more

For the Sun to Croatia

Now you all have the opportunity to travel with us to Croatia. Do you want to sunbathe on endless beaches, swim in the tranquil and clean Adriatic Sea? For all such enthusiasts, Croatia's holiday is a clear choice. You will spend the summer in the hot sun amid the magical nature. You will have theRead moreRead more

All upholstery fabrics must be durable

With us you can meet exclusively with high-quality aisees. If you need them, just go after us and choose them. We are happy to help you with their choice. We are interested in our customers leaving us fully satisfied. We are aware that they will be used especially during the summer months on your terracesRead moreRead more