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The Three Different Types Of Insurance Claims

Property insurance claim is one type of insurance claim that exists. This type of insurance is the one that a person gets for insuring their property against a certain hazard that may happen against the property. Under property insurance claim they are different types of claims that exist under this type of insurance and these are water damage claim, hurricane damage claim, wind damage claim, bad faith damage claim, flooding damage claim, property theft damage claim, fire damage claim among others. These claims are usually dependent on the area and location of the property of the person wanting to insure their property against a particular hazard as mentioned before. The owner of the property needs to contact the insurer as soon as possible after suffering a loss on their property for the filing process of the insurance to begin. When the filing process begins, the insurer will send personnel to come and assess the extent of the loss and give you an estimate of the amount that they will indemnify you with and therefore having a lawyer to help you understand the process will be an advantage.

One of the three Insurance claims that exist is an auto insurance claim. This type of insurance claim is the one that an individual gets for insuring their car against any accident that may occur to it. After being involved in a car accident, the owner of the car needs to contact the insurer about the occurrence as soon as possible for the filling of the insurance claim to begin. After the insurer has been contacted then they will send someone to investigate the extent of the damage of the car and dictate the type of way they will help the owner of the vehicle whether is to buy a new car or take the car for the repair.

One of the three insurance claims that we are going to discuss is health insurance claim. Health insurance claim is the type of insurance claims that one uses to seek reimbursement of their funds that they have used for seeking medical attention in a medical facility. Health insurance claim can be filed in two ways and one of the ways is when the medical facility that you sought medical attention from does it for you and the other way is when you personally take up the responsibility of following up the insurance claim from the insurer. The insurer may at times refuse to honour the claim from the insured and therefore the insured can hire the services of an insurance attorney to help them follow up on the claim from the insurer.

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